Associate of Applied Sciences Degrees

  • Culinary Arts
  • Food and Beverage Operations
  • Hospitality Studies
  • Tourism Studies


  • Guest Services Administration
  • Front Office and Travel Agency
  • Baking & Pastry Arts
  • Cooks


Pre-Qualifying Programme

Our Pre-Qualifying pogramme is aimed at providing interested persons with four or less CXC, CSEC and GCE O’Levels, introductory knowledge of the core courses within the Associate and Diploma programmes. 

  • Prospective Students will complete the following courses:   
  • Foundation Mathematics
  • Foundation English
  • Fundamentals in Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts
  • Fundamentals in Information Technology
  • Life Skills  


Admission & Registration Information

General Information

The academic year consists of two (2) sixteen (16) week semesters which run from August to December & February to June respectively

Summer semesters are also offered depending on demand for the courses offered

Admission Requirements

Admission to the Institution is based on satisfaction of the following pre-requisites:


Associate Degree Programmes

Five (5) C.X.C subjects in General Proficiency/ G.C.E Ordinary Levels, including Math & English.

Only Grades 1, 2 or 3/ A, B or C are accepted.

Certificate Courses

Three (3) C.X.C subjects in General Proficiency/ G.C.E Ordinary Levels, including Math & English.

Only Grades 1, 2 or 3/ A, B or C are accepted.



Students who wish to take individual courses as modules are allowed to do so. Please contact the Student Services department for more information.


Application Procedure

Application forms should be submitted to the Institute accompanied by the following items:

  1. A non-refundable Application Fee of $50.00 TT
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. National Identification Card
  4. Two (2) passport size photos
  5. Original Certificates of Achievement



Upon satisfying the requirements for the programme, applicants will be informed in writing of their acceptance. This letter will include the programme for which acceptance was authorized, fee details and date and time of the orientation activities.



Students who have been accepted at the Institute but are unable to commence studies in the designated semester are required to submit documentation detailing the reasons. Deferral of admission is usually granted on the grounds of health problems, conflicting work schedules, Immigration requirements and emergency travel out of the country. A deferral is only for a period of up to one (1) academic year or three (3) semesters. A student must re-apply for admission to the Institute if he/ she has not registered within the academic year of acceptance. Where there is a curriculum change during the deferred admission period, the student will be required to follow the new curriculum.


International Students

International students who fulfil the requirements set by the Immigration department of Trinidad & Tobago and meet the criteria for entry into one of our programmes can gain acceptance to the Institution.

Please refer to our Fees & Tuition site for detailed information on fees for International students

Please refer to the following websites for more information on obtaining student permits from the Immigration Department of Trinidad & Tobago.

Application for Student Permit

Student Permit Instructions