Academics Associate Degrees

The Associate Degree in Applied Science Tourism Studies

  • Place
    THTI Campus, Blenheim, Mt St George
  • Start
    Jan 23, 2017
  • Duration
    2 Years of full-time study/ 3 Years of part-time study. Individual courses can also be offered as continual education courses.


This programme was created to meet the rising demand of persons wishing to enter the field of tourism planning and development.  The curriculum was designed to provide a balance between tourism, hospitality and management studies.

The programme is designed to:

●     Improve the level of professionalism of an ever changing tourism and hospitality industry.

●     Educate and train productive and employable people in a global community.

●     Provide consistent delivery of core content so employers will have realistic expectations of graduates with an associate degree in Tourism Studies.

●     Ensure transferability and articulation with other colleges and universities within the region and where relevant, meet regional occupational standards.

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